Imperial College London Consultancy Project

Last month, a group of Imperial College London MSc students joined us to share their perspectives on the transition to a regenerative economy and the role of fast fashion in realising this transition.

2023 marks the third year that Volans supported an MSc Environmental Technology consultancy project. Through this collaboration, the Volans team has been exposed to young people with thought-provoking ideas who share the desire to think radically and go beyond business as usual.

In the past two years, Volans has hired two Imperial MSc Environmental Technology alumni who also participated in this project: Joshua Morley-Fletcher, Impact Advisor, and Cami Daeninck, Regenerative Solutions Advisor. Josh and Cami worked with the Imperial team to push their thinking on regeneration and how systemic change can be initiated.

2023 Team

Here is the group with Louise outside of the beautiful Somerset House.

Georgia Newell (left), Troy O’Donohue, Sophie Whelan, Sujay Hammannavar, Sierra LeTourneau

Not pictured: Jasmin Sousesi and Emma-Jane Zemlickova


If you are interested in what this year’s  group produced, you can find their presentation here.


You can see what Cami’s group produced in our second year of supporting this project here.


You can see what Josh’s group produced in our first year of supporting this project here.