Cami Daeninck

Regenerative Solutions Advisor

Cami is an alumna of the Imperial Masters Course in Environmental Technology – 2022 class – where she was part of the ClimateX Hackathon pitch winning team that was subsequently featured at COP 26. She is originally from Manitoba, Canada, and graduated with a B.Sc in Biochemistry. Whilst at University in Winnipeg, Cami also worked extensively with Fisheries and Oceans Canada as a Technician. So brings practical scientific knowledge and expertise to the Volans team.

Outside of work she is involved with the London Climate Connection and her non-profit organisation Better Days Wellness Foundation.

Superpower: Courage

A. Impact and intention. With a desire to transform not only systems but also mindsets, Volans stands out as a forward-thinking, collaborative environment where no idea is too radical.

A. As a high school student, I was fortunate to participate in scientific research on a Canadian Coast Guard Ship travelling through the Arctic. In speaking with community members in Nunavut and scientists who had taken part in this sampling expedition for many years, I realized the extent that northern ecosystems are being impacted by climate change. This compelled me to pursue a career actioning large-scale transformation.

Q. When are you most fulfilled?

A. I am most fulfilled when actively working on one or more projects. I enjoy being busy and collaborating with others to achieve optimal results in each task I take on. That being said, some of my happiest moments are when I’m in nature, such as camping in the Canadian wilderness.

Q. Where is your centre of gravity: past, present or future?

A. My centre of gravity lies primarily in the future. As a pragmatic optimist, I envision positive future outcomes and then backcast to ideate how we can make these outcomes a reality. Setting a vision provides me with ambition and a pathway to guide my actions in the present.