Our Approach

We see that the world can be a place where all species flourish. We’re a think tank and advisory firm operating at the intersection of innovation and sustainability, making the emergent future practical and actionable to drive positive systems change.

While we’re anchored in the present, we have a keen eye on the future. We guide and challenge leaders, creating a safe space to enable them to unlock the potential of their organisation, create opportunities for regeneration, and design solutions ready to scale in the face of exponential planetary challenges.

How we work

It always starts with a conversation.

Our approach is emergent and co-creative, sometimes more aligned with coaching than consulting. Our client relationships are collaborative, and we choose to work with leadership teams with whom there is a mutual chemistry and a shared ambition.

We take on projects where the answer is yes to at least two of the following:

Does it have the potential to be or create conditions for regeneration?

Does it have the potential to be transformative?

Does it have the potential to lead to systemic change ?


Are we really best placed to do this? If someone else can do it, pass it over

Do we like and trust  the people involved? Is it likely to be fun?

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