Privacy Policy

Volans is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. We will comply with all relevant regulation and be clear about what we do.

We will only use the data for legitimate business reasons.
We will not share with a third party without consent (unless it is for a legitimate business reason such as using a third-party marketing tool or using a commercial printer to prepare documents for an event).

We will only ask for information that we need to communicate effectively with you or better understand your business needs.

We will endeavour to keep your data up to date and, when it is clear that something is not accurate, we will endeavour to correct it.

We will delete data records when they are no longer relevant or when you ask us to.

We will keep your data confidential, using a limited-access password-protected online software and in secure filing if hard copies are necessary. Volans can be held accountable for failures in the above.

What this means in practice

We will tell you why we are requesting your information and what we will use it for.

We will tell you exactly what information we have about you and will share this with you within 28 days of your request.

We will correct your information when informed of any errors.

We will delete your information from our records if requested, and always provide the option of unsubscribing to emails.

We will stop using your data at your request.

We will listen to any complaints, explain and rectify the error.

Specific procedures for:

Job applicants or applications for interns

We will delete all your records once the process of hire has been completed.

If you have sent an unsolicited application for internship or a job, we will keep it on file for 6 months at the most, after which it will be deleted.

Business cards

If you give your business card or personal details to a member of the team we will enter these into the general Volans online database which is password-protected, limited-access, and we will send you an email confirming which data we have, offering you a chance to opt in to our newsletter, as well as the option to opt out of the general Volans online database. Any physical cards will be kept in secure filing in accordance with our general policy above.

Clients and suppliers

If you enter into a client or supplier relationship with Volans, we will keep a record of all information necessary to pay or invoice you, including banking details in compliance with our general policy.