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John O’ Brien

Founder of Anthropy UK | May 2023

At the Volans Book Club, we are expanding our remit from authors to anyone driving change towards a better future.

Join us at 17:00 BST Wednesday 31st May as Louise and John explore the future of Britain and consider how Anthropy’s four pillars (people, place, prosperity, and global perspective) can help us bring a regenerative future to life.

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Louise talks place with the British Fashion Council

Creating the Blueprint for City-level Circular Fashion Ecosystems

Context is critical to regeneration, but what does this really mean for a highly globalised industry like fashion?

Louise explored just this challenge as part of a panel on local circular ecosystems, at the British Fashion Council’s Institute of Positive Fashion Forum in London last month.It’s a question we’re seeing arising across sectors and one that is only going to get more pressing for business. Louise challenged those in the room to be radically imaginative and proposed looking at locations through a range of different lenses, from biodiversity to skills, to open-up ideas and new possibilities.

Find out more about the Institute of Positive Fashion here.


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