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July’s Book Club –  Helen Pankhurst

🗓️ We are delighted to welcome Helen Pankhurst to the Volans Book Club in July. Helen is a women’s rights activist, scholar and writer, the great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst and granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst. Helen leads the Centenary Campaign to have equal representation in the UK parliament by 2028, a century after all women had won the vote.  

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We enjoyed having so many of you join the June edition of the #Volans Book Club with our Founder John and our CEO Louise, as they discussed John’s recently published 21st book and memoir, Ticking Sharks. It really was a very dynamic session.

The expansive conversation covered everything from the value of curiosity, humour as a tool for change, to climate change as a pan-generational challenge.
One of our favourite quotes from John was:
“Every generation including my own becomes wrong over time. If we live long enough in the reality we were born into, it is not the reality in which we grow old in.”

As usual the chat during the session was lively and engaged, with the Book Club members in fantastic form.

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Neither a Greenwasher Nor a Greenhusher Be

Volans is pleased to share our latest whitepaper and briefing: Neither a Greenwasher Nor a Greenhusher Be: A Guide to High Integrity Corporate Climate Action written in collaboration with First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB).

As a member of the Secretariat for the Global Council on Future Fuels, part of the Global Council on the SDGs, this co-produced publication is for companies that want to avoid both greenwashing and greenhushing. The report explores the toolbox of climate solutions that are available today to help companies address their Scope 3 emissions. From offsets to renewable energy credits and sustainable aviation fuel, not only does it dive into how to utilise climate solutions, but how to communicate about their use in a high integrity matter. To learn more, download the full whitepaper here


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