Josh Morley-Fletcher

Impact Advisor

Josh holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Technology from Imperial College, London. Having previous experience working at a purpose-driven start-up. Josh performs a variety of roles at Volans ranging from project management through to researching.

Josh spends the majority of his spare time outside in nature, engaged in a variety of activities. Interchanging between his yoga mat, hiking shoes or the wonderful ocean for a swim or surf. With the latter becoming a bit of an obsession even though he has a long way to go to become close to reminiscing the great Kelly Slater.


Superpower: Like my star sign, Taurus, practical and patient

Q. What does Volans say to you?
A.To me, Volans brings a unique approach. This involves starting from a
system’s perspective with a future’s focus, being deeply knowledge-
based, holding a strong understanding and flourishing through radical
collaboration and experimental creativity. Volans likes to challenge!!!

Q. How did you wake up to the change agenda? 
A. I guess my turning point was whilst studying as an undergraduate I had a
significant health shock that made me engage with and appreciate the
finiteness of not just human life, but the natural world’s too. Trying not to
fall too hard into the cliché, it made me see things in a different way, and
wake up to the urgent need to protect, adapt and restore our defenceless
natural world, that we are equally dependent upon.

Q. If you could solve one global problem for everyone, what would
it be?

A. I am going to choose a slightly unusual one, which I feel cuts across a
number of issues. I would like to solve the global deficiency in empathy,
which causes the exploitation of other humans and the natural world. I
believe that if we can increase the levels of empathy, individuals can start
to heal themselves, transitioning towards doing that which feels right,
ultimately working towards helping others around them. This mindset shift
from being predominantly focused in the efficiency-based brain, down
towards the feeling basis of the heart, will lead to an increased
understanding of all species’ perspectives and needs, fostering cohesive
widespread collaboration providing a basis to work away at Wicked

Q. What are you most like?
A.I would say, like a surfer, I am able to ride the wave of uncertainty,
appreciating and working in coexistence with Nature’s beauty and power.
Having the knowledge and skill to be able to make turns (interception
points) to alter the direction of travel where required. Whilst remaining
aware of various unexpected dangers (trends), such as fellow surfers
‘caught inside’ or hidden rocks. All the while having fun and improving my
health and well-being in the process.






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