The Tomorrow’s Capitalism Forum

Welcome to the 2020s – a decade that will see accelerating technology-driven market disruption, increasingly turbulent politics, growing economic uncertainty and ever more serious symptoms of environmental and social breakdown. 

For the past year Volans has been conducting an Inquiry into Tomorrow’s Capitalism. In January 2020, we gathered leaders from business and sustainability to explore the implications and opportunities of the exponential decade.

Capitalism itself is in crisis around the world. Even people and institutions that are capitalist to their core now acknowledge that capitalism faces a simple choice: evolve or die.

Richard Roberts, Inquiry Lead

The Tomorrow’s Capitalism Inquiry Video Series

We filmed a series of videos, which feature interviews with the speakers. These are being released throughout the next few weeks, and will be shared here.

John Fullerton explains Regenerative Economics

Capital Institute’s founder and president, John Fullerton, explains the essence of regenerative economics, and how to achieve a more just, sustainable way of living on our planet.

Stepping Up for the Exponential Decade

The decade ahead is a pivotal one – for business, for markets and for humanity. We have an opportunity to create a different kind of capitalism: one that is more responsible, resilient and regenerative.

Financing the Transition to a Regenerative Economy

Leaders in the finance industry share their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities of moving towards a regenerative economy, and the critical role finance plays in making this crucial transition.