Imagine the Future

Imagine if you could see the future – the conditions in which you would be working, the standards to which you would have to comply, the demands from customers and employees. Just imagine how that might change your actions today.

Transformational collaboration

Imaginarium sessions take the form of a two-day interactive workshop and are designed to enable creative, transformative thinking, grounded in facts but unconstrained by current realities, giving participants permission and tools to think the currently unthinkable – and to explore challenges and opportunities in a safe space.

Tools of the Trade

The Imaginarium Sessions are built on research and data on the trends shaping our economic future, combined with techniques of mindful collaboration and thinking, including the systems thinking tool 3 Horizons by Bill Sharpe.

Volans has conducted several Imaginariums over the last year, with clients including Selfridges Group, Covestro, The Body Shop and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.

The world is changing in fundamental ways - climate change, biodiversity collapse, ageing populations and more. Rapidly. A Volans Imaginarium is a powerful way to help your organisation think about how it can change in fundamental ways and thrive.

Terry A'Hearn, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

How will you Step Up?

To find out more, or to enquire about booking a Imaginarium please email us.