What we do

“We have a hard-wired cultural problem in business, finance and markets. Whereas CEOs, CFOs, and other corporate leaders move heaven and earth to ensure that they hit their profit targets, the same is very rarely true of their people and planet targets.” John Elkington

Today the problems we face – from accelerating climate change to rapidly growing populations – can seem overwhelming. Yet the possible solutions available to us have never been more abundant.

From new technologies to business models, the coming decade will give us the opportunity to drive fundamental, systemic change. Getting there, we believe, depends on our ability to unlock our mindsets, our imaginations and, critically, our ambitions.

Volans translates the emergent future to make it relevant and actionable for businesses. We help leaders plan their path to the future, take their place in it, and achieve breakthrough change.

Where we focus
Volans probes the future—with an eye to the implications for business and society.  A snapshot of our work is captured in the following four videos on Technology, Business Models, Money and Mindsets.

How we do it

Volans conducts major inquiries into global issues. We bring together diverse organisations to propel conversations, collaboration and action. As in any balanced ecosystem, participating is beneficial to individuals, companies and the overall agenda.

Who we work with

Collaborators to be better than the sum of our parts

Volans is small by design. We focus on what we’re best at and find experts who complement our skills and help us to deliver on ambitious projects.

Companies ready to push boundaries

We work closely with business leaders to effect change that will not only benefit people and the planet, but future-proof their organisations for decades to come.

Financial institutions investing in the future

Business will struggle to drive positive change at the necessary scale without being supported by financial markets. The Tomorrow’s Capitalism Inquiry aims to support the shift of markets from backing degeneration to investing in regeneration.

Platforms to catalyse change

Complex problems must be solved collaboratively. Companies are joining business-to-business platforms to build partnerships and networks that will amplify their impact. …

Educators to inspire the next generation of leadership

Our mindsets are formed by our education. We are committed to ensuring that the next generation have all the tools available to create the future they want, so we work with educational institutions – providing inspirational content and tools and occasionally teaching or running workshops.

The media to amplify our voice

We partner with the media to get the right message to the right people, for maximum impact, for example Fast Company, Harvard Business Review.