Stirling Spowers

Student Associate

Stirling is currently studying History and Political Science at Trinity College Dublin and is passionate about identifying critical leverage points that might catalyse system change.

He has volunteered with Extinction Rebellion and has set up his own organization, Regeneration Dublin – a student-led organisation that provides platforms for the discussion and practice of regenerative solutions.


Superpower: Enthusiasm!

Q. When are you most fulfilled?
A. I feel most fulfilled when exploring and creating exciting new worlds. Having had the privilege to grow up in a family that encouraged exploring one’s passions and challenging the status quo, my existence at times lurched from drifting around with my head in the clouds to questioning authority in a stubborn teenage style. It is only when I am truly living in a dynamic balance between these characteristics that I feel truly purposeful.

Q. If you could solve one global problem for everyone, what would it be?
A. The lack of biophilia. I’d like every single person to have the freedom both mentally and physically to fall in love with life. The term biophilia refers to the inherent yearning for connections with other life forms that lingers within us all. If everyone was able to act upon such desire the world would be even more beautiful. 

Q. What are you grateful for?
A.To be surrounded by loving connections.

Q. What are you most like?
A. While resemblance may be slightly far-fetched,  I would like to be Red Kite-like. A truly graceful and dynamic species, they have shown incredible resilience during hard spells of persecution and habitat loss leading to near extinction in the UK. Now their regeneration is nearly complete as they populate large parts of our skies once more!