Angèle Latreille

Student Associate

Angèle is a second-year Politics, Philosophy, and Economics student at New College of the Humanities. She grew up in the United States and completed her secondary studies in France. She has previously held internships at The Louvre and a Capital Market company.

Angèle is a very accomplished sailor and an active member and social secretary of the University of London Sailing Team.

Superpower: insatiable curiosity!

Q. What brought you here?

A. My desire to work with passionate people tackling the enormous challenge that is climate change through innovative methods.

Q. When are you the most fulfilled ?

A. When I’m confronted with new challenges while continuously learning from people.

Q. Where is your centre of gravity ?

A. The present moment. I’m always looking at how I can be more active in my life, not only in my day to day life but also in my role as a citizen. By taking charge of the present we can influence the future in a positive way.

Q. What are you grateful for ?

A. That human beings can change and for the better. We are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them to progress- a lesson that I try to remember to apply to myself.