Richard Roberts

Project Breakthrough Lead

Richard joined the Volans team in September 2016. His focus is partnership-building and the development of a next wave of offerings to enable leaders to understand and experience Breakthrough.

Prior to Volans, Richard spent four years at Leaders’ Quest (LQ), a social enterprise that specialises in experiential learning journeys (Quests) for individuals and organisations seeking to explore their role in the world. During his time at LQ, he worked on a variety of transformation projects for multinational clients across banking, insurance, FMCG and auto manufacturing. His remit also included communications, business development and partnership-building.

Before this, he briefly flirted with a career in political journalism, doing internships with a couple of Westminster-based magazines. His scribblings have been published by The New Statesman, Guardian Sustainable Business, Times Higher Education and The London Economic. He has a BA in history from Durham University and a Masters in US history from Oxford, where he specialised in the evolution of progressive political philosophy between 1880 and 1920 – a period when, like today, the future of capitalism hung in the balance and a new social contract between business, society and government was called for.

Outside of work, Richard’s interests include reading, writing (he has his own blog), travel, cricket (mostly watching rather than playing these days) and opera (ditto).


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