Breakthrough Money

by Richard Roberts 5 July 2017

Breakthrough Money is a one-day event curated by Volans, and taking place on 7 July 2017 at UBS in London.

In the context of rapid, disruptive change to the capitalist system, and growing environmental and societal pressures for a fundamental re-think of our growth model, Breakthrough Money aims to explore how we can ensure capitalism is on a break- through—rather than a breakdown—trajectory.

Organised by Volans as part of the Project Breakthrough initiative, Breakthrough Money is part of a series of Basecamps— carefully curated convenings of influencers, innovators and thought leaders—investigating specific aspects of the Breakthrough agenda. Our goal is to foster collaboration between different actors on system-level interventions.

For more background information, read Richard Roberts’ recent post,  “Reorienting financial flows: the $12 trillion question”, published on Project Breakthrough’s Medium page.

For more information on future basecamps, and ways to collaborate with us, please get in touch.

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