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Climate Scoreboard – keep track of COP15

Here’s a clever idea. Sustainability Institute has launched the Climate Scoreboard, an online tool that allows anyone to track progress in the ongoing negotiations to produce an international climate treaty. The Scoreboard allows users to check, on a daily basis, whether proposals in the treaty process commit countries to enough greenhouse gas emissions reductions to

The Road to Ecotopia

Spent the day at Cineforum’s ‘Road to Ecotopia’ event at the old St Luke’s office building, 22 Duke’s Road, just across the road from Euston Station. Much discussion of how to shift paradigms. With around 150 people, this was one of the most enjoyable events I have been to in a long time, organised by

FT loves Room to Read – so do I

Reading the Financial Times in Vienna this morning, I was delighted to see the ‘Life & Arts’ section covering Room to Read in a major way. Googling, I then found that the FT, my favourite paper by far, has selected Room to Read, a social enterprise that helps millions of children gain access to education

Charity begins at Work

Wall Street Journal article that describes a growing trend among professionals to pursue volunteer stints in the development sector.  Some companies provide support for their employees to do this, and our Volans Talent initiative connects this trend with what is strategically important to the company, through talent development or training programs.  An example being the

Humanity Demanding 1.4 Planets

Global Footprint Network is releasing data today that reveals a growing gap between human demand on ecological services and the rate at which nature can supply those services. It would now take nearly one and a half Earths to generate all the resources humanity consumes and absorb all our CO2 emissions, according to the latest

GoodGuide launches ‘Green Consumer’ ap

Over 20 years ago, we launched The Green Consumer Guide, which sold around a million copies, went into foreign language editions in around 20 countries, and helped consumers worldwide put pressure on business to clean up on the environmental front. Books, however, are old technology. So when I was on the Advisory Board of Physic

Phoenix Forum: Aflatoun

Jeroo Billimoria, Executive Director Aflatoun, Child Social & Financial Education, The Netherlands If Phoenix forms of capitalism are to work, children need to have access to quality education that will allow them to shape their futures. Aflatoun is dedicated to reducing poverty by helping children develop the skills to be socially and financially empowered. Q.1:

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Phoenix Forum: Aravind Eye Care System

Thulasiraj Ravilla, Executive Director, Lions Aravind Institute of Community Ophthalmology Aravind Eye Care System, India Aravind Eye Care is the largest and most productive eye care facility in the world. Using a hybrid business model, they treat over 1.4 million patients a year, two-thirds of them for free. Q.1: Do you agree that a new

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Beyond Carbon: Markets for Water and Biodiversity in Latin America

The Katoomba Group has launched the Mercados Ambientales, a platform that seeks to catalyze markets for ecosystem services in Latin America. Earlier this year, their flagship report: ‘Beyond Carbon: Biodiversity and Water Markets‘ provided a practical overview of the type of cases that can advance this new field in the region. The report argues, for

National Geographic Backs Ecological Footprint

EarthPulse: State of the Earth 2010, which opens with a full page of Global Footprint Network data, offers the clearest endorsement yet by a mainstream publication of the idea of sustainability as living within the means of one planet. This reinforces the vision of Mathis Wackernagel–the pioneering founder of GFN–of the strategic ‘pathways to scale’