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How we enable business leaders to create the new wave of exponential, systemic solutions

Who we are

Volans catalyzes breakthrough change


We help leaders move from incremental to systemic solutions.


To avoid Breakdown, we work for Breakthrough--not Change-as-Usual.


We catalyze market change through agenda setting, advocacy and advice.

Our work

As a market catalyst, we’re interested both in the rate of change
and in its direction, quality and reach. Current projects include:

The Breakthrough Pitch

A Pitch deck and Guide aimed at helping champions in business stretch the sustainability ambitions of their executive teams.


Presenting Carbon Productivity

Volans, and the Carbon Productivity Consortium are calling for a 10x improvement in Carbon Productivity – the value we create per unit of carbon used. Achieving this would simultaneously deliver a sustainable climate and a prosperous world. Learn more at


Breakthrough Money

A one-day convening in London exploring how capitalism can be on a breakthrough-rather than a breakdown-trajectory.


Volans is proud to announce 'Project Breakthrough' - in collaboration with the UN Global Compact. Project Breakthrough is the home of the exponential mindsets, business models and technologies that will make the SDGs possible by 2030.


"Breakthrough Business Models" - our September 2016 report

Our September 2016 report spotlights the shift from the business case for change, to the business models needed to deliver both financial and extra-financial value in tomorrow's world. The report was commissioned by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, launched at the 2016 World Economic Forum summit.



We shape the future with private, public and citizen sector partners


Championing the Breakthrough agenda at…

14th June 2017

Reimagining Carbon Basecamp

An invite-only event sharing the Carbon Productivity Consortium’s new open-source approach to support and measure climate-related innovation and improvement across industry, finance and policy.

Chaired by John Elkington, the Consortium’s members are Covestro, Volans, SYSTEMIQ, Futerra, the Future-Fit Foundation and Innovation Arts.

We are delighted to announce one of the world’s leading sustainability experts, Paul Hawken, as our keynote speaker. Paul will introduce and discuss his landmark Project Drawdown assessment launched in April—and billed as the most comprehensive climate action plan yet proposed.


Location: London, UK MORE INFO
7th July 2017

Breakthrough Money Basecamp

Hosted by UBS in London, and organised by Volans, the Breakthrough Money Basecamp will explore how finance can accelerate the Global Goals.

Location: London, UK MORE INFO
21st September 2017

UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2017

This year’s Summit will gather global leaders to inspire true leadership for the SDGs, with part of the event celebrating progress on Project Breakthrough.

Location: New York, USA MORE INFO


Since Volans was founded in 2008, we have produced
a series of books and reports on Breakthrough change.
Here are four recent titles:


If you would like to discuss our Breakthrough work further,
or if you have ideas on how to collaborate, please get in touch below.

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