Volans at Anthropy 2022

Watch the videos below to learn  about what Volans got up to at Anthropy 2022.

Volans at Anthropy | Final Part

To round off Anthropy for this year, we thought we’d share with you a few thoughts and insights from some of our new and old friends in a final video. They will inspire you to think like a fish and make sure you are a dandelion head.

Volans at Anthropy | Part 4

Watch Louise and John recap their last day at Anthropy 2022.

Volans at Anthropy | Part 3

Our Volans’ team have been really enjoying Anthropy as they drift in and out of sessions ‘like a jelly fish’. Watch to find out what they heard while ‘wobbling on the edges’.

Volans at Anthropy | Part 2

Watch our recap to see what Volans’ learned, loved and laughed at, Anthropy 2022 Day 1

Volans at Anthropy | Part 1

Louise and John sit down to discuss their expectations for the next 3 days at Anthropy 2022.


Behind the Scenes at Anthropy

Louise Filming with Amy Clarke with the beautiful Eden Project in the background

Louise discusses Place and Planet – Acts of Transformation from Around the World (that inform how we should be in Britain) with David Harland and others from the Eden Project