Tomorrow’s Capitalism: The Exponential Decade

10th January 2020, Aviva Investors, London, EC3P 3DQ

The format will be interactive, with a focus on catalysing new conversations to encourage a regenerative mindset and cover practical paths for businesses and individuals.

08.45 Registration
09.30 Welcome: The Exponential Decade

Welcome to the 2020s – a decade which will, for better or worse, be defined by exponential change. Our opening panel explores what exponential change looks like across three different domains: technologysociety and nature. Together, these trends will shape the context in which businesses must operate during the Exponential Decade.

Session 1: Stepping Up Politically

There is no apolitical path to a genuinely regenerative, inclusive economy. So how are leaders from both private and public sectors stepping up to tackle the tough business of reforming markets? What’s the role of different actors – from industry associations to environmental regulators – in shaping market outcomes? And what will it take to make 2020 a breakthrough year for climate politics?

11:00  Break
  Session 2: Stepping Up Financially

How do you change the way money thinks? The millions of decisions made every second in the financial markets determine the kind of capitalism we get: short-term, extractive and doomed to collapse, or long-term, inclusive and regenerative. We know which kind of capitalism we want so how do we rewire finance to get money flowing to where it’s needed?

12:30 Lunch
  Session 3: Stepping Up Collaboratively

For most companies, the path to resilience and regeneration will require unprecedented collaboration across value chains to disrupt the status quo. How are businesses across different industries stepping up to this challenge? What does it take to make new business models stick and scale? And how can businesses share risk and reward with partners up- and downstream?

 15:00 Break
Session 4: Stepping Up Individually

Tomorrow’s capitalism requires a very different kind of leadership from yesterday’s capitalism. What does that new style of leadership look and feel like? How can the current generation of leaders empower the next generation to rise to the challenges ahead? And how can each and every one of us access the reserves of courage and resilience that we know will be needed in this crucial decade?

  Session 5: Stepping Up Systemically
17:00 Drinks Reception

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