Yoshoda (Yoshie) Bhatt

Student Associate

Yoshie is currently doing her year long placement at Volans. She studies Management with Marketing at the University of Bath and is passionate about having a career in marketing.

Yoshie spends most of her free time doing something creative or learning something new (or both!). She loves to crochet, take care of her plants and find new places to explore.

Superpower: Adaptability

Q. What brought you here?

A. Volans presented themselves as the perfect firm to give me a taste of what the rest of my career could look like. I was inclined towards their forward-thinking ideas, aligned values and friendly team.

Q. When are you most fulfilled?

A. I am most fulfilled after long, deep conversations with different minded people. I feed off the energy I gain from people talking about their passions and opinions.

Q. Where is your centre of gravity: past, present or future?

A. My mind is at peace when I focus on the present. As students we are constantly told to think about our futures. We are taught that every decision we make during this time of our lives affects our futures. However, I believe that enjoying the present, and not regretfully looking back on the past, is the key to having a successful future.

Q. What are you grateful for ?

A. I am most grateful for change. I was lucky enough to leave London and move to California for 5 years. This change made me fall in love with meeting new people and seeing new things. I am grateful for the ability to grow and learn by exploring outside of my bubble.