Siobhán Foster

Executive Assistant & Speaking Associate

With a background in business assistance, project and account management, Siobhán has worked across the media, not for profit, property development and place making industries before joining Volans to support John Elkington and the team.

Superpower: Connection

Q. When are you most fulfilled?
A. When I am connecting the dots and people, and when those connections lead to beneficial change, learning and growth for people and business alike.

Q. What brought you here?
 A. Directly as a result of connections within the Volans network and more broadly the network of those dedicated to sustainable impact.
The desire to be part of great team of talented people working in thought leadership and seeing that at play in the advancement of new ideas and business practice with the organisations Volans works with and for.

Q. How did you wake up to the change agenda?
A. I feel like the pursuit of the change agenda has always been there. From being on my high school Green Team in Canada, through working within media connected to DEC campaigns, at a local level with both global companies and SMEs in the BID sector and in relationship development in the shaping of London’s built environment with New London Architecture, the desire to make change for the better underlies each role.

Q. Where is your centre of gravity: past, present or future?
A. It oscillates most often between the future and present, with quick dips back to the past. In the moment there is always the question of what will these choices and actions mean for the future, and the excitement of that possibility.