Selina von Schultzendorff

On Purpose Associate

Selina is working with Volans as an Associate from the On Purpose Leadership Programme. Her background is in Corporate Social Responsibility and international development and specifically in cross-sector strategic partnerships, stakeholder, C-Suite and Board engagement – all under the umbrella of impact orientation.

After 5 years of working for organisations like the GIZ, Save the Children and Action Against Hunger, Selina joined PHINEO, a leading non-profit think tank, consultancy and project partner for impactful civic engagement. She developed strategic non-profit-private partnerships with a focus on corporate citizenship and spearheaded the development of United Way Germany.

Selina has a BA in Modern Languages from the University of Cambridge and a Master of Public Policy from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.She loves spending time in nature and connecting with people across the globe. She is also training to become and accredited practitioner in mind-body health and life transformation with The Journey Method by Brandon Bays.

What is your Superpower?
Going deep and fostering inspired action

Why do you do what you do?
I have a passion for inspiring, engaging and supporting people to act for the greater good through authentic leadership and purposeful business. The more we are connected to our true selves and to each other, the more value we create for the world. Organisations are amazing platforms to do just that.

What does Volans say to you?
Spread your wings – be who you are and take considered, collaborative and bold action towards meaningful change today.

What brought you here?
A passion for people and positive impact, the potential of business as a powerful force for good and of course the On Purpose Leadership Programme! It’s a joy to be working with such genuine and mission-orientated colleagues on systems change.

What are you grateful for?
Life itself – it is magical, full of surprises and the best leader in town if we choose to follow.