Pauline Silverman

Senior Associate

Pauline is a leader in collaboration for sustainability and climate resilience with over 20 years experience of managing complex change at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. A thematic expert in water management, regulatory processes and systems thinking, she is a collaborator, innovator and partnership builder.

Outside work Pauline is a keen gardener and beekeeper.

Superpower: Empathy

Q. Why do you do what you do?

A. I believe utterly that we need to strive to live better as humans, be fair, less greedy, protect biodiversity, celebrate diversity, be accountable and take responsibility for our actions. I try to bring this to my life and work every day. I do it because I’ll never get it perfect or right, but I’ll never stop trying. I want EVERYONE to be happy and safe – it’s naive and impossible (and everyone needs to be sad sometimes), but it drives me to be a better person and try to make the world a better place.

Q. What does Volans say to you?

A. Dynamic, global, systemic change-makers. A kind, funny, open, honest and nurturing team of brilliant people who are committed to tackling the big questions that we are all struggling to know where to begin. A chance to influence and innovate on a whole different level.

Q. When are you most fulfilled?

A. When I’m pottering in the polytunnels, checking the bees, pruning, pickling and preserving!

Q. Where is your centre of gravity: past, present or future?

A. Present, for sure (though not mastered the calm mindfulness yet!). Delivery and action needs us to be firmly in the present, to take steps now on challenges that seem insurmountable. Don’t put things off thinking someone else has an answer or solution. Don’t spend time making big plans that take years to implement. Start now, and learn as you go. But do something.

Q. What are you grateful for ?

A. My family, friends and where I landed in life.

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