Kate Wolfenden

Systems Lead Associate

Fuelled by an ever-increasing urgency to bring humans back into harmony with the fragile ecosystem that sustains our life, Kate sees herself one of a collection of individuals required to become the glue and the grease on the wheels of collective climate action.

In order to achieve this, she has brought together a select portfolio of systems change or systems optimisation initiatives that she is working with as a board member, advisor or special relationship. The portfolio includes Project X, Landscape Finance Labs, Estari Group, Tomorrow’s Capitalism Enquiry and Future Planet.

Prior to this, Kate Co-Founded Project X whose goal is to shift $1.3 trillion in purchasing power from unsustainable sources to sustainable sources by 2030, she is now a non executive director of Project X. Kate’s background is as a serial creative entrepreneur running several small businesses before moving into the NGO sector in 2008.

Kate’s Superpower: Empathy

Q. Why do you do what you do?
A. The next 11 years are the most critical humanity has ever faced. We are transgressing several environmental tipping points far faster than our collective predictions envisaged. It is in this time window we have a moral imperative to think and act differently. If you are humble and earnest in what you do, then no one can fault you for thinking big and trying new things – because the world needs it right now.

Q. What brought you here?
A. My bicycle 😉 Aside from that a desire to work with kind, intelligent and humble people who focus on what matters most.

Q. How did you wake up to the change agenda?
A. Through a quarter life crisis brought about by people like Thomas Friedman and books like Hot, Flat & Crowded. It made me realise that unless we tackle the fundamental challenge of climate change, nothing else matters.

Q. When are you most fulfilled?
A. In nature. Technology has a pace, not a pulse. I go back to nature to remind myself beautiful things take time to grow.