Amy Nguyen

Special Projects Lead

Amy joins us with a background in corporate sustainability and global value chains. She has worked as a consultant and research analyst for a variety of organisations ranging from environmental think tanks to research advisory firms, and also written features for a number of publications including Forbes.

Outside of work you can find her experiencing hot yoga, enjoying interiors and fashion design and partaking of spicy Asian food.

Superpower: Storytelling

Q. Why do you do what you do?
A. For a meaningful sense of purpose and connection with communities, the
environment and everyday life.
My work thus far has been driven in pursuit of empowering people from
different backgrounds with the knowledge and access to stories that can
help engage them in climate action.
I do what I do to help spark interest and enable people to comprehend the
infinite power they have as individuals and citizens to affect change.
Being able to continuously learn and contribute to society and make a
difference, even in the smallest of ways is what gets me out of bed each

Q. What brought you here?
A. My curiosity and appetite to join a collective of talented individuals that
think differently and hold a genuine desire to affect meaningful change at
every level of businesses, across many different sectors.

Q. How did you wake up to the change agenda?
A. A cumulation of small, important moments. One being my experience of
living in Southeast Asia as a child. This gave me an acute understanding
of global inequality, as well as how extreme weather events hurt the poor
and vulnerable the most.
Alongside this, moments when obtaining new knowledge. A pivotal
moment was during my Masters, when a scientist from the European
Commission delivered a keynote on planetary boundaries and the famous
hockey stick graph illustrating the significant impact humans have had on
greenhouse gas emissions since the industrial revolution.
Truthfully, each new day feels like another alarm to wake up to the
change agenda. Be that news stories and scientific studies underlining the
need for action, learning from experts in the industry and lastly, the
discovery of innovative solutions and collaborations that can help move
progress forwards on environmental and social challenges.

Q. If you could solve one global problem for everyone, what would it
A. Perhaps, the ability to be empathetic. Having the capacity to understand
and share the feelings of others, as well as be able to walk a mile in
someone else’s shoes could help us greatly with diplomacy and building
meaningful connections.