Alvaro Velez de Isasa

Student Associate

Alvaro is a third-year Business student at the University of Bath. Having lived in multiple countries around the world, including Benin and Tanzania, he is passionate about social change and entrepreneurship as well as hiking. 

At Volans, Alvaro loves to get involved and participate in crucial conversations that take place at the office. It is an opportunity for him to get exposure to enthusiastic leaders and to work towards a meaningful and crucial goal that everyone here shares: creating a better world.

In his free time, he likes to do sports and explore London. Although the weather is not as sunny as in Spain or Tanzania, he tries to go outside as much as possible and get the best out of things.


Superpower: Enthusiasm

Q. Why do you do what you do?
A. As a university student, I am still trying to find a path that best fits me. Although, with my few years of exposure to developing countries and international experiences, there is one thing clear: having as much positive impact as possible.

Q. What brought you here? 
A. A clear, well-structured purpose by the hand of enthusiastic experts and leaders. As an intern, it is the perfect environment to grow and develop your own strengths by being exposed to unparalleled experiences and leading research.

Q. What are you grateful for?
A. I am grateful for my family and the opportunities I am given. 

Q. When are you most fulfilled?
A. I am most fulfilled when I am having a positive impact in the world while growing professionally. Otherwise, I am a very simple person and spending time with my family and friends brings me a different kind of joy.