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Green Swans Observatory

The Green Swans Observatory is an evolving platform exploring a regenerative future – and how we get there.

We’re scouring the world to spotlight and magnify examples of market shifts, business models, technologies and policy innovations with the potential to drive rapid, radical progress. And we’re partnering with a growing range of international partners to help highlight this unfolding future. Our initial focus is on four key areas we see as primed for exponential change:





Through collating examples, analysis, living case studies and bespoke projects, we’re helping businesses see wherethey are on their own journey towards regeneration and examine what a regenerative future might look like fortheir sector.


We have global Swanspotting partnerships with organisations including the following, as well as with individual Swanspotters around the world:

We’re also actively working with partners that want to reimagine their organisations and markets with regeneration in mind.

The Observatory platform will launch Q1 2021.

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