The Zeronauts

Breaking the Sustainability Barrier

The book

Published in May 2012, The Zeronauts spotlights a new breed of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and policy-makers who are pushing towards zero in such areas as population growth, pandemic risk, poverty, pollution and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

The book explores ways in which corporations, citizens, cities and countries can tackle the potentially civilizational challenges at the intersections between demography, consumerist lifestyles, natural resource availability and climate change.

The program

Our Zeronauts program aims to stretch the ambitions of organizations. In June 2012, Volans teamed up with Deloitte to host the first ever Zeronauts Symposium where attendees from different sectors and countries discussed ideas for collaboration to reach a Zero Impact Growth Economy.

We have since hosted a Zero Lab with Nestlé to explore existing and future zero-based targets in October 2012. See more on our work with Nestlé here.

Please get in touch with us at if you would like to explore the potential power of zero-based targeting in your organization.

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The Zeronauts Book
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  • “The Zeronauts is a must read for the business minds of today and tomorrow.”

    Jochen Zeitz, former Chairman of PUMA and co-founder of The B Team