The Future Quotient

50 Stars in Seriously Long-Term Innovation

We are at a crucial watershed point in the history of global development.  We can choose to continue living in a world where ‘quarterly capitalism’ is the norm, or transform the way our economy works, the values it embraces, the cultures it builds and the future it incubates.

Meanwhile, the evidence suggests that many CEOs and C-Suites of leading businesses think they have the issue sorted: a UN Global Compact/Accenture study found in 2010 that 81% of over 760 CEOs polled worldwide think that they have already “embedded” sustainability.

We see things differently. The Future Quotient — developed by Volans in partnership with JWT — explores innovations that have the capacity to create long-term value. So what do we mean by ‘long-term’? Generally, we apply the term to a time horizon of beyond 33 years, the defined age of a generation. Thus the innovation we profile is both future-centric and intergenerational in nature.

  • The Future Quotient Report
  • John Elkington speaking at the launch event
  • The Future Quotient launch event
  • The Future Quotient launch event
The Future Quotient Report
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