Sam Lakha

Non-Executive Director

Sam Lakha is now a Non-Executive Director, after almost 10 years at Volans  

Sam was part of Volans’ founding group back in 2008, and led the organisation as Director for four years. She was instrumental in driving our mission to ‘connect the dots’ between a wide-range of people, ideas and organisations to tackle systemic challenges.  

As well as the gubbins of running the business and driving our varied research, advisory and agenda-setting work, Sam’s day job – which she found hard to justify as ‘work’ – involved everything from strategy and framing, to building bridges between innovators, investors, NGOs, academics, thinkers  and more traditional (“big”) business around Volans’ Breakthrough framework.

Sam was at the front line of building partnerships which help us shape and deliver our Breakthrough Program, such as with the UN Global Compact on Project Breakthrough and with Covestro and the Carbon Productivity Consortium around Carbon Productivity.  

Sam has worked closely with John Elkington for some 13 years as a sparring partner, editor and critic (!) in relation to his thinking, writing and presentations.

What floats Sam’s boat? The sense that we can transform business and markets at scale and speed – and that mindsets, culture and conversation are  critical.

In her previous life Sam held roles with the Equal Opportunities Commission, BSkyB, Datamonitor, EDS and her family’s business. She holds a BSc. Hons. in Psychology, which remains a life-long intrigue and passion.

Sam’s other pastimes include climbing, walking, strategic people-watching, independent films and gently obsessing over her eclectic book and music collection. She is a Trustee and volunteer at the House of Hodge Bookshop in North London

Sam’s mother tongue is Gujarati. She is chatty in French and fluent in gibberish.


Updated: February 2018


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