Richard Johnson

Breakthrough Agent

Whilst studying Business Studies at university, Richard began looking for a career that would allow him to encourage the creative and innovative potential of business in a way that wasn’t at odds with creating the world he wanted to live in –  In 2013 that led him to Volans.

As part of our small, dynamic team Richard’s brief is to channel his endlessly curiousity about the fast-moving tech landscape in relation to sustainability – or rather – Breakthrough. Rich is our resident expert in finding and exploring all sorts of solutions, from big picture trends through to ‘tech hacks’ so our team to skill up and manage our myriad of projects.

What excites Richard professionally? When the best way of doing business (in and for the world) becomes the most popular way of doing business – and when the best way isn’t good enough, joy comes from seeing emergent players, with better alternatives, disrupting the market.

“This is when it feels like capitalism is working” says the ever-optimistic Richard, “as part of the Breakthrough Innovation Program we are exploring and showcasing how radically better ways of doing things are winning”.

Richard was a core member of the B Lab UK team that launched the B Corporation movement in the UK – incubated within Volans in 2015. Richard played a critical role in the comms, membership and events strategy that helped create a flourishing community of companies using business as force for good in the UK.

Eating and cooking are two of Richard’s strongest motivations for trying to help sustain human life on this planet. They are also two of his most immediate reminders of how unsustainable our current global system is. Outside of work you’ll likely find Richard doing yoga (his yin) or playing football (his yang). Otherwise he’ll be found in a pleasant part of North East London condemning the rate of gentrification in the area between bites of some scrummy, gentrifi-tastic market food.


Twitter @VolansRich



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