Lauren Cervino

Carbon Productivity Lead

Lauren joined Volans at the start of 2017 as the Carbon Productivity Project Lead.

Her focus is on integrating her systems perspective to provide direction and execution of a new initiative, convened by Covestro and Volans, and co-evolved with the UN Global Compact.

Lauren collaborates cross-functionally with other members of the Carbon Productivity Consortium, and engages with a range of stakeholders to reorient mindsets and markets to address the broader climate challenge.

Lauren is galvanized by the need for disruptive and sustainable solutions towards solving the climate challenge in a manner that supports the wellbeing of a growing global population. She is influenced by a diverse professional background having spent the majority of her career working for energy multinationals, as well as pursuing academic studies in chemical engineering, environmental sciences and health sciences.

While working in the energy sector where she focused on industrial processes as well as commercial markets, it became apparent to her that efforts (although innovative) to create energy-efficient processes, factories and economies are not necessarily enough to achieve low-carbon societies. She was encouraged to learn first-hand that large corporations are part of an intricately interconnected wider network of communities and individuals, and therefore have the ability to spearhead global social & environmental net-positive impact through exercising concerted leadership, experimenting with new business models and shifting cultural business norms.

Outside of work, Lauren can be found running, traveling or yoga-ing!


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