Amanda FeldmanBridges Impact+
Audrey SelianDirector of Artha Initiative associated with Rianta Capital Zurich
Bunker RoyFounder, Barefoot College (India)
Dave ChenCo-Founder & Principal at Equilibrium Capital Group (USA)
Jerry LinengerFormer Astronaut and Cosmonaut (USA)
Peggy LiuChairperson, JUCCCE (China)
Robert G (Bob) EcclesProfessor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School (USA)
Robert Kinloch MassiePresident and CEO of New Economics Institute (USA)
Tim BrownCEO, IDEO (USA)
Tim SmitFounder, The Eden Project (UK)


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Amanda Feldman
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Astrid Sandoval
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Grace Sai
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Nathalie Van Haaren
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@volansjohn:Sad, insightful piece on plight of #EU,…. I voted #Remain, but see little evidence of true will to reform retro EU.
@volanssam:1 week left to enter the #FullerChalenge! You could win $100k or other opportunities. Enter by 3/31:
@VolansRich:@hsrivney @EvolvingJuan only if it's hi-tech polymers made from carbon sequestered from Co2 😏


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