Breakthrough Cities: Exploring Air Quality in Nottingham

by Jacqueline Lim 14 November 2017

Together with Innovate UK, Volans will be conducting the first of a series of Breakthrough Cities workshops in Nottingham, UK on 22 November 2017. The one-day event will bring together decision-makers from the Derby & Nottingham Metro Area and innovation-focused SMEs to co-create the new business and engagement models needed to solve complex urban challenges.

The specific focus of this event will be improving urban air quality – a key strategic priority for the Derby & Nottingham Metro Area. Initial analysis by DEFRA, published in late 2015, found that both Derby and Nottingham are amongst a handful of UK cities likely to be in breach of air quality regulations by 2020.

Solving this problem presents a major innovation opportunity. Both cities are committed to implementing Clean Air Zones and working with others to develop innovative solutions. These will cut across a range of sectors, including (though not limited to):

An in-depth briefing on Air Quality has been developed by Volans as a pre-read for participants. Download the briefing here

We will be tweeting ‘live’ from the event – follow the event hashtag #BreakthroughCities. Insights from the day will be shared post-event.


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