Reimagining Carbon: Building the New Carbon Economy

by Sam Lakha 2 June 2017

Comprising Covestro, Volans, SYSTEMIQ, the Future-Fit Foundation, Futerra and Innovation Arts, the Carbon Productivity Consortium is a new open-source initiative designed to support and measure progress in climate-related innovation, commerce and policy.

Originally described in a 2008 McKinsey study, “carbon productivity” is defined as the value created from fossil fuel carbon resources (coal, oil and natural gas), just as labour productivity measures the value created from human resources. The consortium is building on this concept, using the natural carbon cycle as a key element of the framing, and will be exploring key themes at a basecamp convening outlined below.

Our collective challenge is to reframe the conversation on carbon, helping leaders see carbon as a critically important resource, albeit in new applications ranking from nanomaterials to farmland regeneration, not just in the form of climate harming fossil fuels.

Reimagining Carbon: Building the New Carbon Economy

The Consortium has organised the Reimagining Carbon Basecamp on 14 June 2017 in London to explore Carbon Productivity with a curated group of 60 business and finance leaders, climate and carbon experts, activists and other influencers.

The pioneers whose work we will feature on 14 June include:

  • Paul Hawken— whose book “Project Drawdown” (published in April 2017) showcases and ranks key technologies and initiatives with the potential to reverse climate change
  • Interface — whose pioneering Climate Take Back initiative promotes radically different ways of managing carbon

As a core part of the Project Breakthrough agenda being developed by Volans and the UN Global Compact, outputs from the Basecamp will feature at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2017, taking place in New York in September 2017.

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