Guardian Sustainable Business

by Sam Lakha 6 September 2011

Every month, John Elkington continues to contribute columns for publications and websites in Brazil, China, Denmark, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.  In addition, he contributes a weekly blog to the Guardian Sustainable Business website, in the form of his ‘Inside Sustainability’ series.  To date, he has done 30 blogs and, after a break through September, will be back in harness in October.

Among the most discussed have been his piece using the Wizard of Oz storyline as a lens for looking at progress in the sustainability arena, another comparing the proliferation of jellyfish in the world ocean with the weaknesses of current political leadership, and a third on the late, great Ray Anderson.

@volanssam:Oh @AtlasFuture … you are raising our visuals/narrative/storytelling game… it hurts…but definitely good hurt : )…
@volansjohn:@ingridsrinath We can solve key elements of problem. Key first step is to acknowledge it exists - and get the data. Next, difficult part.
@volansjohn:Fruit of genius. Well done Lincolnshire's Maria Simpson for idea. Tesco to hand out free fruit to shoppers’ children…


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