Ageing Studio: Helsinki Design Lab

by Alejandro Litovsky 15 September 2010

I was invited to participate of the Helsinki Design Lab global meeting in Finland, from 1st to 3rd of September. The initiative, sponsored by Sitra –the Finnish Innovation Fund, has been set up to help government leaders see the architecture of societal problems and solutions in creative ways.

As part of the event, I took part in the Ageing Studio, a laboratory set up to explore solutions to the challenge of ageing societies — something we are also pursuing in our work on ageing and sustainability at Volans.

Watch this video produced as part of the Ageing Studio at HDL:

HDL Ageing Studio Introduction from Sitra- Finnish Innovation Fund on Vimeo.

Some history: During the summer of 1968, Sitra sponsored the Industrial, Environmental, and Product Design Seminar, which was largely responsible for introducing integrated product design to Finland. This opened the door for a broader discussion between designers and industry and is part of Finland’s recognized legacy of design leadership. Forty years later, in collaboration with the Tapio Wirkkala – Rut Bryk Foundation, HDL 2008 was held in commemoration of that event to discuss the potential of design in our contemporary era.

@volanssam:@benmetz HELLO! Girl power..ful biceps at your service via Hope you’re well sx
@volanssam:‘How would nature solve this?’ The eloquent @JanineBenyus on elegance of #design and #biomimicry - worth a listen…
@volansjohn:@Ceciliamorag Wonderful to meet, Cecilia, and already heard from Monica. What a wonderfully connected world!


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