Investors seek innovation on natural capital

by Alejandro Litovsky 30 July 2010

In partnership with UNEP-Finance Initiative, and F&C Asset Management we convened a collaborative workshop for the finance sector on the 14th of July at the F&C offices in London. The group explored and committed to the design of practical solutions to take forward the Biosphere Economy agenda for financial institutions and investors.

The 30 participants mixed commercial and multi-lateral banks and investment funds with the entrepreneurs and change-makers who are creating new corporate benchmarks, metrics and data systems, and footprint methodologies to integrate natural capital into the finance and corporate sectors.

The Biosphere Economy agenda served as a basis to zoom into three areas of innovation where companies, investors and entrepreneurs want to work together to co-evolve and scale solutions, some of which have been put in motion.

Read more about this in the meeting report here. UNEP-FI and Volans are planning a follow up meeting for early 2011.

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