Biosphere Economy at World Economic Forum

by Alejandro Litovsky 22 April 2010

On May 4th I will be speaking at the World Economic Forum in Africa, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to the audience of over 200 Young Global Leaders of Tomorrow (YGL), about Pathways to Scale and the Biosphere Economy, discussing some of roles the YGLs can play to help accelerate change.

As part of the trip, we are setting up a Biosphere Economy workshop to explore how to scale the markets for alternative forms of charcoal. More than 90% of the population in Tanzania depends on using wood charcoal as cooking fuel, which is responsible for over 300 hectares of deforestation a day.

This Pathways to Scale session, hosted  by the Tanzanian Commission for Science and Technology, will bring together stakeholders to think creatively about new types of partnerships to scale market solutions to deforestation, like bio charcoal briquettes made from agricultural waste.

@volansjohn:@mbali_vilakazi Pleasure to meet you - and to hear some of your #poetry. In endless traffic jam on way to airport. Must be a poem for that!
@VolansRich:"Life is what happens when you're busy preparing and recovering from Skyping Richard" - @johnlennon. @lisagoldapple…
@volansjohn:@InterfaceInc @boogaard_rob @GBCSA I referenced the leadership of Interface (and Rob) in my keynote. The people who have it covered!


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