Phoenix 50 Pioneer has a new website – check it out!

by Charmian Love 27 May 2009

I was impressed to find a FANTASTIC new website for The Global Impact Investing Network. There is some great information on some of their current projects. Check it out!

@volansjohn:@GreenSolitaire Let me know formula. Just in from Ivory Coast to a country that has taken leave of its senses. #GetMeOutOfHere.
@volansjohn:CNN Do a 'Cameron': cripple economy, damage investment, imperil successful alliance, foster ultra-nationalists, precipitate country breakup.
@volansjohn:Would you put PM #BorisJohnson in to renegotiate with EU, when his father was a Eurocrat? Will be treated as a traitor. #BewareBorisEffect.


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