Monthly Archives: January 2009

Finance 2.0: The New Infrastructures

The social networking tools of the Web 2.0 meet the banking crisis. Enter a new generation of Internet-based, peer-to-peer finance mechanisms that connect people who want to borrow money with…

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Cartier’s Women’s Initiative Awards

Don’t know whether anyone in the Volans network would be interested, or eligible, but it may be worth taking a look at this. Created in 2006 by Cartier in partnership…

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‘The Power of Unreasonable People’ goes foreign

Foreign editions of The Power of Unreasonable People have begun to appear, with copies of the Italian and Japanese versions now displayed in our London office. The Japanese edition has…

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Third Sector and Fifteen

Delightful dinner this evening at Admiralty House, London, hosted by the Office of the Third Sector – with excellent catering by Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen. In addition to social entrepreneurs…

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Another Trailblazer – Institute of Green Professionals

As the fields opened out by pioneering social and environmental entrepreneurs begin to mainstream, we will see a secondary wave of professionalisation. Although I have tended to shy away from…

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Intelligent Optimists

My profile of Albina Ruiz Rios of Ciudad Saludable, Peru, appears in the January-February issue of Ode Magazine.

UK Minister with taste for SROI

Kevin Brennan, the UK Minister for the Third Sector, illustrates the trend for politicians to pay more attention to social enterprise. The UK is estimated to have 55,000 social enterprises,…

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Making Decent Profits Decently: The Changing Culture of MBAs

In her final post for Harvard University’s Center for Public Leadership, Pamela reflects about her underlying motivations for taking on the role of Director for the Skoll Centre at Oxford.…

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Lien Centre announces i3 Challenge

The Lien Centre for Social Innovation is offering S$1 million for innovative ideas that can be implemented to create positive social impact. This is a three-stage competition process which begins…

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The Upside of a Downturn

In the two weeks since the launch of the Volans survey on ‘Social Entrepreneurship in a Downturn’, we had already received about 70 responses by year’s end, plus many notes…

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