Grit in our oyster

by John Elkington 27 October 2008

A phenomenally busy week, including a session with Singapore’s Economic Development Board on Monday, a highly successful joint SustainAbility-Volans evening event at The Hub (one of our Trailblazer organisations) on Wednesday, a brown-bag lunch with Monica Araya of Climate Change Capital and members of the Volans SustainAbility teams, a filming session for a client on Wednesday, a meeting of the Trustees of the Environment Foundation (another Trailblazer) at 2BP on Thursday – developing the theme of democracy and sustainability, and a visit from The United Bank of Carbon, who asked me what Volans was about? One phrase I dredged up from previous days was that we aim to be grit in other people’s oysters. And sometimes the grit lands in our oyster, as it did this week – spurring an extraordinary bout of creative thinking, which has produced a new book idea, a theme for a research programme and a bunch of other things.

@volansjohn:@mbali_vilakazi Pleasure to meet you - and to hear some of your #poetry. In endless traffic jam on way to airport. Must be a poem for that!
@VolansRich:"Life is what happens when you're busy preparing and recovering from Skyping Richard" - @johnlennon. @lisagoldapple…
@volansjohn:@InterfaceInc @boogaard_rob @GBCSA I referenced the leadership of Interface (and Rob) in my keynote. The people who have it covered!


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